Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am outraged that Congress does nothing to establish English as the official language while a majority of the people still speak that language.

I am outraged that most Congressmen have their official website published in Spanish.

I am outraged that Congress and the Whitehouse have done nothing to stop the twisted interpretation of the 14th Amendment that gives "anchor baby" citizenship to children of invaders.

I am outraged that congressmen and the acting president call for "comprehensive immigration reform" (amnesty for invaders -- potential Democrat voters and cheap Republican labor) when what we really need is simple immigration policy reform -- establish the policy that existing immigration law is sufficient and will be aggressively enforced (see US Constitution, Article IV, Section 4).

I am outraged that US territory along our border with Mexico is off limits to Americans to make room for invaders.

I am outraged that Americans are being murdered on their own property along the border with Mexico by Mexican smugglers.

I am outraged that the Whitehouse has the gall to sue Arizona to stop that State from identifying illegals as such when they are caught committing crimes in that State. (Utah is surely next to be sued.)

I am outraged that government bureaucrats are requiring border patrol officers defend themselves with mere bean bags. (If bean bags are good enough for men and women who are trying to protect US sovereignty, then surely bean bags are good enough to protect the acting president.)

I am outraged that government bureaucrats (and probably presidential appointees and even the acting president) are involved in smuggling guns to criminals in Mexico.

I am outraged that, even while it is involved in smuggling arms to Mexican drug cartels, the Whitehouse has the gall to blame law-abiding citizens and gun dealers for the prevalence of machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades in the hands of Mexican drug gangs.

I am outraged that Congress cannot find time or courage defend the nation against these outrages, yet it has time for unconstitutional legislation such as to tell me what kind of light bulb I am allowed to use, to bailout failing and corrupt businesses, to pay for somebody else's electric car with my money, and to usurp power over the best health care system in the world.

I am most outraged that Congress is complicit in all of this because it is doing absolutely nothing as a body to stop any of this.

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