Friday, March 8, 2013

Good, Evil, and the Constitution

As in the past, I argue that we are not in a struggle against Democrats and Republicans, Liberals against Conservatives, RINOs against Republicans, Left against Right, Moderate against Conservative, Moderate against Liberal. None of those.

No, we are in a struggle of Good against Evil.

Good can carry several names: Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, RINO, Republican, Left, Right, Moderate, Libertarian, etc.

Evil can carry several names: Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, RINO, Republican, Left, Right, Moderate, Libertarian, etc.

The biggest problem we have in our society today is that most people have failed to learn how to recognize the difference between Good and Evil. Instead, we assume that certain labels are good enough to make that distinction. They aren't.
No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders. — Samuel Adams (letter to James Warren, 4 Nov 1775)
There is one way of identifying what is True and Good. And it isn't mere labels. It's reliance on God and the guidance he has given us through prophets and personal inspiration. Much of what is True and Good is written in the Scriptures. Some of God's Truth is also found in this nations founding documents. Truth and Goodness is not found in moral relativism or political correctness. The only standard for what is Good is the absolute truth God has given us.
What is absolutely true is always correct, everywhere, all the time, under any condition. An entity's ability to discern these things is irrelevant to that state of truth. — Steven Robiner
I believe that the nation's founding documents have God's hand in them. I believe that both God and natural consequences, hold us accountable if we fail to follow the inspired principles found in our founding documents and if we fail to insist our politicians follow them.

Senator Rand Paul has made an effort to get the Obama Administration to say whether it will wage drone warfare without a proper declaration of war as required by the Constitution and whether life and property will be destroyed without due process of law as required by the Constitution. Unfortunately, we have elected both Democrats and Republicans who are all too willing to ignore these -- and most other -- basic protections of the Constitution.

Additionally, the filibuster held up a vote on whether John Brennan, an enemy of the Constitution, is to be Director of the CIA. Again, this is a struggle between Good and Evil. The Constitution demands Senate confirmation of presidential nominees specifically to protect the Constitution -- and Good -- from such people.

If our leaders and judges were consistently Good, there would be no need for the Constitution. But, we cannot reasonably elect a perfect or consistently Good person to public office or appoint a perfect or consistently Good judge to the bench. Adherence to the Constitution protects Good from imperfect politicians and judges. It is the duty of voters to insist that every politician and judge adhere to the Constitution.

Politicians on both the Left and the Right condemned Dr. Paul's filibuster. Most visible among the critics were Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Was Paul's filibuster little more than a political stunt? Yeah, probably. But, McCain, Graham, and Barrack Obama are not on the side of Good in this debate. The vast majority of voters don't care -- if they even know. Most of those who care only care about the labels. They don't care about what is Good or Evil.

We need smarter -- and Good -- voters.

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