Wednesday, March 24, 2010

News article: Record numbers now licensed to pack heat

Here's a good MSNBC story on concealed carry (with hints of paranoia by anti-gun interviewees thrown in):

Record numbers now licensed to pack heat.

Vote in the poll near the end of the article on page 3. After voting, you'll get a chance to read comments left by previous poll participants.

Those who voted anti-gun seem to be consistently afflicted with ignorance, paranoia, or both. For those with a willingness to learn, ignorance can be fixed. Since it is a mental illness, paranoia is a bit harder to deal with.

Since carrying a gun is an activity best reserved to those who are of sound mind and who know how to safely handle firearms, and since anti-gun people typically seem to be either paranoid or ignorant, it is wise for those who are anti-gun to not have a gun.

That is no reason for those of us who do not exhibit a tendency toward mental illness and those of us who are not stuck in stubborn self-imposed ignorance to be similarly restricted.

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