Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stop Health Care "Reform" Now!

When one sees the absolute corruption that it takes to get the current health care reform bill passed, how can anyone possibly feel good about its passage? Think about all the earmarks (and even at least one judicial nomination) that have been included to bribe resistant congressmen to vote for this bloated attack on the Constitution and liberty!

I know there are a few in congress that really want this disastrous legislating. But I have to believe that the vast majority of congressmen know it is bad legislation and wrong for the nation. The surely must understand that bigger government is not the solution to big government problems!

Every congressman has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution -- an oath which I expect them to honor. When challenged on constitutionality, all Speaker Pelosi can say is, "Are you serious?"! She knows this legislation goes far beyond the authority given by the people and the states to the federal government. Sadly, She, and a few other congressmen simply don't care about constitutionality or even right and wrong. They want power and will do everything necessary to get it.

The current approach to heath care is dead wrong. The correct fix is to cut government meddling in the free market -- not destroy it more than it already has been. All prominent legislative efforts to "reform" the health care business and the health insurance business must be stopped at all costs!

Health care is expensive for 3 reasons:
1 - Advanced technology that saves lives and improves quality of life.
2 - Excessive litigation.
3 - Excessive government regulation.

Reason #1 is good. Reasons #2 and #3 are bad. Congressional legislation being pushed by Congressional leaders will destroy #1 and enhance #2 and #3.

Congress has no Constitutional authority to regulate health care or health insurance to the level it does.

Congress must immediately abandon all current health care reform efforts. Then, it must step back and ask three simple questions:
1 - What is wrong with health care and health insurance?
• Excessive regulation that impedes competition and unnecessarily increases costs.
• Excessive litigation and outrageous settlements and judgement.

2 - What needs to be done to fix it?
• Restore and encourage competition in a free market.
• Eliminate legislation and regulations that interfere with a free market.

3 - What does Congress have Constitutional authority to do?
• Almost nothing that it has already done.

Congress must then undo all the federal legislation that interferes with a free market in health care and health insurance.

Congress must rescind all legislation and regulations for which the federal government had no Constitutional authority to implement. This included eliminating programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP.

Congress and the state legislatures must ignore the trial-lawyer lobby and implement meaningful tort reform.

There are some in Congress who seem to believe that health care "reform" is a done deal and therefore promise to undo the mess after the 2010 election. That is too late! The time to undo the mess is now! Any congressman who does not do everything possible to stop this train wreck now is a part of the problem.

Neither Congress nor the President has authority from the Constitution, the people in general, or the States to take the hard-earned money from one person to use it for the welfare of another. To do so is nothing less than theft under color of law. I hereby forbid the President and every member of Congress from acting in my name to ever commit theft in my name.

The health care "reform" legislation now before Congress is nothing less than theft for the purpose of buying the votes of the non-productive people of this nation. No congressman is worthy of his office who does not fight against this legislation with all the strength he can muster. No congressman is worthy of his office who indulges in or accepts either tacitly or explicitly or by default the trickery and outright bribes that the president and congressional leaders are using to get this horrendous legislation passed.

I expect every congressman with a moral compass to fight this legislation. A simple "no" vote is not enough. We can teach a monkey to do that. A few amendments to make the legislation slightly less evil (such as the Stupak abortion amendment) is not enough. We need every decent congressman to fight the entire bill! Stop health care "reform" now!

Bigger government is never the solution to big government problems! Stop health care "reform" now!

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