Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who's in charge of empowering the States?

On his Facebook page Utah's governor Gary Herbert says, "The ONLY viable solution to the national debt crisis is to streamline government and trim budgets, empower states, and allow the private sector operating in a free market to help the nation GROW to prosperity."

If the governor expects the central government to fulfill any of his expressed wishes, it is evidence that Utah made a very serious mistake in the 2012 governor election. It is naive, irrational, delusional, and futile to expect any of the three branches of government to do anything to reduce its power.

A key component of our "checks and balances" is expressed in the Tenth Amendment. It is up to the States to assert their rights and authority instead of meekly waiting for the central government to "empower states" as the governor is meekly wont to do.

Governor Herbert can start "empowering states" by supporting and signing legislation that pushes back against all unconstitutional federal laws, regulations, and policies. He has a chance to do just that with this year's HB.114 (Second Amendment Preservation Act). If he doesn't, he is only enabling an out-of-control oppressive central government and he is, by default, nothing more than a functionary of the central government!

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