Monday, November 6, 2017

Dozens more innocent victims shot in a "gun-free" zone

Yesterday's Texas-church shooter was previously convicted of a crime that made him a "prohibited person" -- one who may not possess firearms or ammunition. Nevertheless, he passed the much-vaunted background check to buy a firearm. In other words, the government agents YOU rely on to do their jobs (background checks) to keep YOU safe failed to do their jobs.

Yesterday, he exploited government-agent ineptitude to commit at least 3 dozen more violent crimes in that house of worship.

As usual, the Left's response it to blame the people who didn't do it (NRA and Republicans) and to overrule ever more rights inherent to innocent, responsible Americans.

BTW, churches in Texas, by state statute, are gun free zones. How's THAT law working out? "Reasonable" gun control put 26 congregants in the unacceptable position of waiting the rest of their lives for someone with a gun to save them because they were arbitrarily prohibited from having an effective means to protect themselves.

BTW, the shooter was finally stopped by a responsibly armed citizen -- something the Left would ban. Unfortunately, the armed intervention was too late for the 26 dead and 20 injured.

We need smarter voters -- voters who are smart enough to understand that ever more laws and ever more reliance on government to fix everything is NOT the answer.

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