Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Gun Confiscation

We often hear cries for gun confiscation. Somehow, it is is beloved, all the world's crime problems will thereby be resolved.

I say, do it!

However, surely rational being is aware that, to be effective, confiscation must include thorough, simultaneous, and repeated inspection (including metal detector and ground-penetrating radar sweeps) of every bank deposit box, barn, basement, bed, bedroom, bookcase, business, chair, closet, crawlspace, desert, doghouse, dwelling, file cabinet, fish bowl, flower bed, forest, garage, garden, heating/cooling duct, kitchen, lake, machine shop, museum, outhouse, person, pond, public building, river, safe, shed, sofa, stable, storage unit, stream, toilet tank, tree house, vehicle, and yard on Earth.

Not only must all firearms and ammunition be confiscated, but also all creativity, knowledge, materials, and tooling that can conceivably be used to fabricate firearms and ammunition.

This would require the perpetual deployment of several million armed government agents from the very same government that is known to let at least a quarter of prohibited items get through airport security screening.

Are you gun prohibitionists prepared to accept such inspection of your property?

(In reality, I doubt the prohibitionists really want total confiscation. They only want firearms confiscated from responsible Americans with political views that are different from their own. They could care less about the existence of Leftist- or criminal-owned guns.)

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