Sunday, November 8, 2009

Al Gore's Climate Change and Get-Rich Scam

When people ignore or don't understand science, history, economics, mathematics, or human nature, politicians and other grifters (eg, environmentalists) can sell 'em anything -- including global warming. When a few people start to catch on to the scam, the politicians and other grifters fool 'em again by simply changing the name to something like global cooling or climate change. Fortunately for the politicians and grifters, at least half the people never catch on to the game.

Everyone's favorite buffoon and sourpuss, Al Gore, starred in his own dramatic home movie entitled "Inconvenient Truth." Perhaps it would better be entitled "Invented Truth."

Gore has long contended that modern inventions of mankind are responsible for the imminent destruction of our globe. He is particularly fond of "global warming." (Remember that just a couple of decades ago, the same human activity was allegedly causing global cooling.)

Over the past 30-40 years, industry in the western world has made unimaginable progress in reversing pollution -- a feat which Gore and his "scientists" seem unaware of. Our water, sky, and soil are cleaner than they have been for more than a hundred years.

Gore and his "scientists" need to take an honest look at the science of climatology. In doing so, he will learn that throughout millions of years of geological history, the climate has made untold numbers of quite dramatic shifts in climate. I seem to recall, from my grade school days back in the 50s, that much of North America was covered with up to 4,000 feet of ice and that most the lakes of Canada and northern US (including the Great Lakes) are a product of the last Ice Age (Were the many ice ages man-caused too?). The fact that Blowhard-in-Chief and Commander of Hot Air, Al Gore, was sleeping through that part of his grade-school geography class cannot change the fact that Earth's climate has always varied from ice ages to pole-to-pole warmth. In fact, just a few thousand years ago, Seattle was buried under thousands of feet of ice! Yes, global warming really does happen -- but it wasn't the internal combustion engine in my Ford Bronco that melted the ice that buried Seattle. I wonder if fear-mongering Gore and his "scientists" are aware that Earth was warmer during the Viking era (1000 years ago) than it is today.

Gore's presumption that man is even capable of significantly affecting Earth's climate is the epitome of arrogance delusions of grandeur when one compares our effect to that of the sun. Consider the effect that just one day of heating by the sun has on Earth. Just a few minutes in the sun on a July afternoon in Las Vegas or an hour in the dark on a January afternoon in Barrow lets one know that that's a mighty powerful ball of fire up there.

Our current warming cycle can best be explained, both logically and scientifically, by our relationship to the sun and the sun's own cycles. As Gore's "scientists" must surely know, the sun has dramatic variations in its sunspot cycle resulting in a brighter, hotter sun at times and a cooler sun at others. Perhaps Gore's "scientists" would like to blame that phenomenon on the internal combustion engine, too. Add to that Earth's precession and variations in our distance to from the sun and one has a much more valid explanation for climatological variations than the exhaust from my lawn mower.

Having no desire to live in my own filth or that of others, I naturally oppose any unnecessary pollution of our soil, air and water (even including the mucus and cigarette butts cads spit onto the streets and sidewalks). I abhor pollution (such as the 130+ tons of trash left behind at Obama's inaugural by his adoring worshipers) as much as anyone. But, to presume that man is more powerful in affecting weather or climate (no, they aren't the same thing) than ol' Mr. Sun and variations in Earth's orbit is the epitome of conceit and manifests profound ignorance of basic science.

What Gore apparently really wants is self-enrichment through the total dismantling of US industry and a return to the stone age. (Even the bronze and iron ages would surely be unacceptable to Gore, since such manufacturing requires the use of fire.) To abandon the technical advances of modern society to calm Gore's paranoid fears is irresponsible, unacceptable, unwise, and unscientific.

But, perhaps more importantly, Gore and his co-conspirators in this fraud have turned common and natural CO2 into a commodity to be traded by the elite while impoverishing us commoners. Gore is a snake-oil salesman who is making millions of dollars through his carbon credit company and stands to become one of the wealthiest men in history through his climate-change scam. "Cap and Trade" is nothing more than a tax on progress and, since all animals exhale CO2, even a tax on breathing!

How will the United States will look once nature's cyclical global cooling kicks in and no one will be able to afford to heat their homes because of carbon taxes introduced to prevent global warming?

Al Gore, please go away!

Congress and newsmen, please get out of his bed!

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  1. This is a great article. Thank you for writing it.

    I'm from central Canada but I have been living in western Canada for about 6 years. The west of Canada only has a couple of wind farms and you mostly hear about oil and gas. I recently returned to central Canada. Our city has decided to build a wind farm. I'm an ecosystem manager and I'm totally against wind farms. In fact, I would rather have a coal tech plant then wind farms any day. I found out Ontario is building thousands of wind farms.

    When I researched more, I realized thousands of wind farms are being built all over the world. Wind turbines need huge amounts of oil and gas to build it, it needs oil and gas to run it, it is totally efficient energy the worst kind actually, it takes up thousands of hectares of land and rich biodiversity, it kills millions of birds a year in America alone and other environmentally sensitive areas too. In Ontario the wind turbines are being placed in our lakes, on our mountains and in our forests. Mountains are getting dynamited, forests are getting clear cut, and water is being polluted. This does not = clean, green, and renewable. Killing millions of birds that feed and help our ecosystems, killing millions of bats that eat our misquotes and bugs, taking and ripping up huge land masses = an environmental disaster and an unplanned mess, like nothing we will have ever seen in our life time. It = greed, profiteering, carbon and green money scams, a way for people to become rich, and fool the world that we need wind turbines and green energy. In Ontario we have the best green, clean hydro it's called water and we have lot's of it.

    As a researcher and as someone who has researched all the scams of the world (I have lived all over the world), I started thinking where did all these wind farms come from. Why now? Why are banks, oil and gas companies and governments ram railing all these turbines up in the thousands, (when we already have to much power in Canada (and Denmark) and we have to pay the states to take our power)?

    First the banks, oil and gas, and governments make huge carbon credit dollars and for the oil and gas industry, it's like the charity of their work plus the turbines need oil and gas to operate. They get huge tax breaks and then they make millions of dollars a month from the scam.

    I started thinking when did all this start and who would have started it. What happened in the media that all of a sudden there was a push for green products. As I was thinking, Al Gore and an Inconvenient Truth came to mind. I thought sun of a bee, I bet you Al Gore is the biggest investor in wind energy. Another propaganda scam, I thought. After researching, Al Gore is about to become an billionaire in the next couple of years. WOW, the world ever get fooled once again by huge scam. The snakes are using environmentalists research in a whole different way to twist the realities of climate change.

    I would like to make a movie about Mr. Gore and call it the Inconvenient Truth about Al Gore. I would like to expose his scam in it.

    If wind farms come to your town and make you believe the wind farms are needed, give them the boot and make a run for it!