Monday, November 16, 2009

Get the Federal Government Out of Education

From its omission from the US Constitution, it is clear that the founders never intended for the Federal government to have a role in education. According to the 10th Amendment, that role is retained by the states and the people.

One area that the Constitution does allow Congress to regulate is interstate and international commerce. In order to stick its nose in education and to establish the Department of Education, Congress has said that in as much as educated people are involved in interstate and international commerce, they can therefore regulate education. This is only one of countless abuses of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

Congressional and Federal meddling in education is not authorized by the Constitution and therefore is unconstitutional. An ignorant public (says a lot about our Federally-controlled education system and the radical leftist influence of the NEA (National Education Association)) and a colluding Supreme Court have allowed this abuse of the Commerce Clause to continually expand Federal intrusion into individual and states' rights. It must stop.

Congress must immediately abolish the Department of Education. Congress must immediately cease all mandates on the states regarding education. The states must immediately strictly limit the NEA to the role of representing teachers as a labor union only.

Recommended book:
Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World
Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World

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