Thursday, November 5, 2009

What We Get When Voters Are Idiots

Most politicians and the establishment media seem to believe there are, at best, only three positions in every political debate:

• Keep government the same size (this is usually called a "budget cut!")
• Make government larger (usually referred to as "compromise")
• Make government larger than large

It seems as if nobody ever refers to the Constitution to see what it says about what Congress is allowed to do. On the rare occasions when they do refer to the Constitution, they use a twisted distortion of the intent of the nation's founders.

Naturally, the courts (including the US Supreme Court) and the lame-stream media generally accept the twisted interpretations employed by Congress.

Nevertheless, I don't place the blame entirely on these people. I mostly blame the ignorant and/or selfish voters who persist in electing and reelecting thieves to steal on their behalf. It is my opinion that about 75% of voters of both major parties are either idiots, morally corrupt themselves, or both.

The cause:

The result:

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