Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am fed up!

The United States built its greatness because it was founded on the ideals of free enterprise and individual sovereignty and responsibility.

The nation has lost its greatness because its citizens have elected politicians who do not honor and defend the US Constitution. Instead, politicians in the past several decades have dedicated their careers to pandering to voters who seek dependence instead of independence. This has resulted in layer upon layer of horrid legislation that punishes individual success and responsibility and rewards slothfulness. The result is a serious government-created financial crisis.

The politicians now take advantage of this crisis to impose their will on what remains of free enterprise and capitalism at the expense of the American worker. In the end, this series of so-called "bailouts" will likely cost several trillions of dollars yet have no positive effect.

I urge Congress to oppose all these economic "stimulus" bills except for legislation that is strictly limited to the following:
• Impeach every politician who voted for, or supported, legislation contributing to the current economic crisis and every politician who voted for the current bailout schemes and who vote for future bailouts.
• Politicians created the economic mess we are in. To presume that politicians can fix it by adding more government, regulations, and spending is ludicrous. Congress must immediately undo all legislation that put the nation into this crisis (ie regulations that are essentially Soviet-style central planning schemes telling auto manufacturers what kind of cars they can sell, legislation that endorses and even mandates lending to persons who cannot pay their debts, etc).
• No bailouts! Instead, require all businesses that are struggling (ie auto industry, financial industry) go into bankruptcy to resolve their difficulties.
• Taxpayers are burdened with a bloated, expensive government. Therefore, Congress must immediately begin a phase out of all federal agencies, laws, rules, executive orders, and policies that have no reasonable basis in the US Constitution. Most of these programs negate the independence and responsibilities of individual Americans and are, in fact, roles that are better filled by individuals themselves, families, charities, and communities. This reduction in government must be coupled with a corresponding cut in taxes and an honestly balanced budget. Ban deficit spending except in times of Congress-declared war.
• Half of each American's labor goes to paying for government and for expenses imposed by government regulation. Congress must immediately scrap the entire tax system as it exists today and replace it where the total federal revenue comes solely from import duties plus one of the following: a flat per-capita tax assessed on the states or a flat tax assessed on the income of all US citizens (regardless of income) and residents with no deductions or credits except for a small per-capita personal exemption and a substantial credit for charitable giving (to enhance the flow of funds for replacing the government's inefficient and unconstitutional programs). (Every family must feel the bite of taxation so that every American feels the need to keep watch over the cost, power, and influence of government.) All other federal taxes which are essentially invisible to the taxpayer/consumer (corporate, excise, Alternative Minimum Tax, fuel tax, user fees, etc) must be eliminated. Corporate, excise taxes, etc are invisible to the typical voter and he does not comprehend the impact of the cost of government on him personally. If he has to write a flat-rate check each month, he'll begin to understand how much government costs him. There must be no taxes on savings or investments.
• Eliminate all programs that reward failures and punishing success and eliminate all rules and regulations that unnecessarily impede prosperity (ie oil development, nuclear energy, coal/timber exploitation).
• Taxpayers carry a heavy load to subsidize feel-good programs that never pay for themselves. Therefore, Congress must immediately eliminate all subsidies for anything that needs subsidies or is non-viable without subsidies such as National Public Radio, art that is created by "artists" with no talent, alternative energy (solar and wind power), electric and hybrid cars, and ethanol and other bio-fuels.
• Invaders from other nations are taking jobs that are desperately needs by Americans and imposing a financial burden on taxpayers by draining our social services programs and schools. Drive all illegals out of the nation by imposing extremely harsh penalties on employers, individuals, charities, communities, and states that provide work or any other support to these invaders. Congress must establish English as the official language and abolish all government forms, websites, and services in any other language except indigenous languages for persons born before 1940.
• Abolish the NEA (National Education Assn) and government schools. Transfer existing schools to private entities such as churches, parent groups, or businesses who would institute quality schools etc. Issue vouchers to parents to send children to private or commercial schools of their choice.
• Forget about man-caused climate change. It isn't happening! Feed Al Gore and all other environmental extremists to the polar bears to ensure the survival of the bears.
• Mandate that every congressman certify that he has personally read every word of every bill before a vote can be called.
• Mandated that all legislation be limited to only one subject with no amendments that are not reasonable related to the bill.
• Mandate that all new laws and agencies have an automatic sunset not later than 10 years.
• Eliminate voice votes in Congress and require that every vote put every congressman on the record.
• Eliminate earmarks and pork.
• Add one more line to every federal ballot: "None of the above". If a majority of voters nationwide pick this opting, Congress would be disbanded and all congressmen and staffers terminated with no right of returning. A new election would be scheduled to give the nation a fresh start under strict guidance of the Constitution.
• Congress must require all voters to provide a government-issued photo ID that is based on verified US citizenship and pass a basic civics test before voting in any federal election.
• Congress must ban all campaign contributions from anyone who is not a registered voter.

If you can't tell, I am fed up!

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