Wednesday, November 4, 2009

International Treaties Regulating Small Arms

The US State Department announced a policy reversal on 14 Oct, saying the Obama administration supports launching talks on a treaty to regulate arms sales. The decision overturns the position of the Bush administration, which had opposed such a treaty on the grounds that national controls were better. And the Bush administration had at least some fear of the Second Amendment voters. I will always admire and respect Ambassador John Bolton for his courageous fight against such a treaty in the UN.

During the confirmation hearing for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, I wrote to warn my senators that her confirmation would lead to such treaty negotiations to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. I warned my senators that I would consider a vote for her confirmation the same as a vote against the Second Amendment. Clearly, I was more prescient that the self-proclaimed pro-gun Senators who voted for her confirmation. As I recall, only two senators had the courage to vote against her.

The US Constitution established the Senate confirmation process for presidential appointees to protect and preserve the Constitution and the limits it places on the central government. Instead, the Senate is largely a rubber stamp (except when it rejects appointees who understand and respect the Constitution such as Judge Bork and Ambassador Bolton). The nation and its citizens are the losers.

Now that the Obama administration has announced its intent to negotiate a multi-lateral treaty as well as a possible treaty with Mexico that will affect US gun rights, I urge every senator to fight any such treaty or international agreement with all the power they can possibly muster. Their oath of office demands it. All agreements, treaties, and legislation which diminish our rights in any way or which increase international influence over US interests must be killed immediately! There is no room for compromise on this or any other protection guaranteed by the US Constitution.

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