Monday, November 23, 2009

Missing in Action in the Fight For Gun Rights

A critical gun-rights case has been appealed to the US Supreme Court in the ongoing civil-rights struggle to restore our Second Amendment rights nationwide (McDonald v. City of Chicago

A large bipartisan group of state legislators and other elected officials from all 50 states have signed an amicus curiae, or "friend of the court," brief supporting the NRA’s position that the Second Amendment is incorporated against the states through the Fourteenth Amendment.

The amicus brief bears the signatures of 891 state legislators, governors and other elected officials. I was deeply disappointed to see that the names of my own governor and legislators (Gary Herbert, Dennis Stowell, and Evan Vickers) are missing from this document which is an important weapon in our fight to restore individual liberty.

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  1. Blaine,

    Good post. I was recently having breakfast (about an hour ago) with my Fiance and her brother when he mentioned he was carrying a firearm. We began to discuss the right to bare arms, which I full support. Thanks for your attention to this matter. It is a funamental right of Americans which must be protected. Thanks again.

    Nathan R. Jessup